Zhongshan Ousuo Kitchen & Bathroom Fittings Co.,Ltd is located in Guangdong city of Zhongshan province Huangpu town dayan Industrial Zone, specializing in the production of stainless steel sink drainer, designed for high quality stainless steel tank manufacturers and agents to carry out high-end facilities.

Service purpose: to your stainless steel sink brand points!

Product features:

1, the unique design of large water pipes, so that the water faster and cleaner;

2, the industry's first to achieve a plastic injection molding, no longer use glue tube, so that the water pipe is more stable and durable, to avoid the traditional sewer leakage and burst defects;

3, built-in detachable deodorant design for our factory patent, convenient disassembly and cleaning, to avoid the traditional water residual odor problems,

Company strength: a stainless steel sink drainer independent R & D and production capacity, the total size of hydraulic presses and punch 60, plastic injection molding machine 12, the existing 8 technology developers (both senior engineers engaged in the design and development of stainless steel water and sanitary ware product the production management staff of 23 people); sales and customer service, a total of 16 people, quality management personnel 8.

I plant the existing stainless steel water type mainly has 110 type, 114 type, 140 type, square type, such as automatic semi steel, steel 50 steel pipe drainer, rear launching device, can also be carried out development and production according to customer requirements or according to.

More fashion, more practical and more health is the direction and force of the Dragon Shunte pursuit.

We only produce stainless steel sewer, so more professional, efficient, high quality; stainless steel sink brand points, we have confidence.