Selection technique of launching device

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Water is generally divided into: spring water (bounce properties), turning plate drainer (turning plate properties); spring water according to the size of the distinction between big and small bounce bounce: two; the big bounce is generally used in the glass basin, because of the particularity of glass basin, a small spring generally use a wide range of application all kinds of ceramic pots of glass basin
According to the type of basin is divided into two types of water overflow with no overflow hole
The overflow hole is more water in the bowl, will be in the basin along a guide hole to flow out of the hole is the overflow hole, and now a lot of new Taiwan above basin, art basin, are almost without overflow hole, the tap water will not, from the edge of the basin full out
Without the overflow hole is very simple, when the water is full of water from the basin to overflow, so water should be careful to prevent forgetting to wash basin, water overflows golden hill
The water is on the market are ninety percent basic models of general application, the pore size of 40-50MM for basin water, sewer diameter 60mm, thread diameter 38mm, the lower the pipe diameter of about 31mm, the total height of 190mm (standard interface)
This spring water is very convenient to clean some hair when washing hair most easily brought to the water to a long time can cause sewer resistance on the two days of the day is always invisible but for a long time for a long time is less. The sewer is blocked when the cleaning was very trouble, can effectively filter the impurities bounce bounce on the hair ready to clean up, prevent the impurities from entering the pipe clogging, such as shampoo place, and bounce is also very obvious shortcomings, short service life, easy to damage the jumper
The characteristics of the plate is a very long service life, the speed of the water block, the cost is slightly reduced, more suitable for some of the need for rapid drainage, but rarely with impurities such as balcony, etc., of course, can not filter impurities
Summary of the above point of view, the 2 models are different, and they can choose

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