What kind of water? How to buy water?

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Home decoration also encountered this problem, when the fashion bathroom basin, the master said a few types of water, made a mess, after all, do not understand the market!
Basin of the types of water - type, flip plate, bouncing, etc.. Pull type is the oldest of the old water, and if there is no time to clean the dirt will be deposited, and now can be used to remove the inner core wash basin water cooler, will be more convenient to use.
Bounce mouth seems to be very easy to use, but also pay attention to the use of a long time after the screw down with detergent cleaning. Another point is dedicated to the ceramic basin mouth is not easy to find, glass basin under the nozzle more. Some suppliers in the glass mouth to make a hole, when the ceramic basin under the mouth to sell, so that the water pipe to make a lot of modifications short, easy to cause the following buckle buckle not, so it is best not to choose this mouth.
Basin water pipe, with the best one with a deodorant box 32 tube combination, not only good quality, but also the distance and height of particularly good regulation, and easy installation, especially with the dark outfit are very beautiful, although the price is slightly expensive, but easy to use, the absolute value for money.
If the drainage pipe with a threaded pipe in the middle of a metal water pipe, as long as the installation of a socket and then inserted on the corner, it is very simple and convenient. When you buy the water must not covet cheap, now available on the market with a plastic back into the water, cheap but the quality is not good, easy to leak water seepage, but also prone to be bitten by the rat rotten situation.

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